Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Key to Happiness......

The Key to Happiness lies in self-esteem.....not self pity. Am i right or Am i right?

Relationships today are supposed to bring us joy,but they are just as likely to make us miserable.Digest this "To love is to suffer.To avoid suffering,one must not love.But then one suffers by not loving.Therefore to love is to suffer;not to love is to suffer;to suffer is to suffer.To be happy is to love;to be happy then is to suffer."

Like true love, the course of real life doesn't run smooth.So what factors help bring on the winter blues?Material deprivation? Not that many of us would exactly care to stand up and proclaim poverty....
The pressure to compete with our friends exists in subtle forms...well i used to have friends who simply couldn't bear the thought of me getting a designer handbag for instance...they simply had to get a better and more expensive much so they even borrowed money just to appease their low self esteem.How shallow can some women get nowadays?You'd be amazed.
Feelings of insecurity and discontent can easily lead to depression...Sometimes its over the most trivial things.We think we would be happy if only....we were thin and beautiful,we had more money,a better job,better short ,we would be happier if we felt better about ourselves.....right?This is not to deny that unhappiness is a is.LOL!It's just dwelling on whether we are happy forces us to compare ourselves with others.And rather than looking at our friends with all their boring everyday problems,we choose to relate to the happy looking,confident people beaming at us from the magazines,the idiot box,movies....etc etc....No wonder reality is often disappointing......

Now...loneliness is an increasingly worrying possibility since more and more of us live alone as single,separated or divorced women.A painful predicament in itself,loneliness is made worse by other people insisting on seeing it as a sign of failure.Because single people are expected to be frenetically social,acknowledging that we sometimes feel lonely is like giving our own entertainment value zero rating and extended periods without a sexual partner are viewed as 'sad'regardless of what we want or bottomline here is......Just be yourself, do not count other people's millions,make your own and do not bother about what others say about you......

Cleo is also reminding herself not to sweat the small stuff....being alone ain't that bad besides she knows a lot of women wanting to be in her shoes.......:)) Well then Mark Anthony wherever you are in this universe......the law of attraction did are what you think!She shall not wallow in self pity no more......So be it...:))

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  1. You make some very good points, it seems like many are not happy until they are better then others, this is of course good in sports and other competions, but it so important to have stuff that just because it is expenciver, it then is better, with even caring about you need it or even that it will any use to you

    Whren it comes to be single, couples always seems to think that they are much happer because they are together and would gladly tell you how you should live you life, interesting how that, but useful, no
    My parents are not like that, they worry more about my happiness, then what I do with my life
    Of course living a happy life is a great benefit in life, and which i would like to have too

    My motto for life is, do what you like to do, then your happiness will come automaticly