Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Key to Happiness......

The Key to Happiness lies in self-esteem.....not self pity. Am i right or Am i right?

Relationships today are supposed to bring us joy,but they are just as likely to make us miserable.Digest this "To love is to suffer.To avoid suffering,one must not love.But then one suffers by not loving.Therefore to love is to suffer;not to love is to suffer;to suffer is to suffer.To be happy is to love;to be happy then is to suffer."

Like true love, the course of real life doesn't run smooth.So what factors help bring on the winter blues?Material deprivation? Not that many of us would exactly care to stand up and proclaim poverty....
The pressure to compete with our friends exists in subtle forms...well i used to have friends who simply couldn't bear the thought of me getting a designer handbag for instance...they simply had to get a better and more expensive much so they even borrowed money just to appease their low self esteem.How shallow can some women get nowadays?You'd be amazed.
Feelings of insecurity and discontent can easily lead to depression...Sometimes its over the most trivial things.We think we would be happy if only....we were thin and beautiful,we had more money,a better job,better short ,we would be happier if we felt better about ourselves.....right?This is not to deny that unhappiness is a is.LOL!It's just dwelling on whether we are happy forces us to compare ourselves with others.And rather than looking at our friends with all their boring everyday problems,we choose to relate to the happy looking,confident people beaming at us from the magazines,the idiot box,movies....etc etc....No wonder reality is often disappointing......

Now...loneliness is an increasingly worrying possibility since more and more of us live alone as single,separated or divorced women.A painful predicament in itself,loneliness is made worse by other people insisting on seeing it as a sign of failure.Because single people are expected to be frenetically social,acknowledging that we sometimes feel lonely is like giving our own entertainment value zero rating and extended periods without a sexual partner are viewed as 'sad'regardless of what we want or bottomline here is......Just be yourself, do not count other people's millions,make your own and do not bother about what others say about you......

Cleo is also reminding herself not to sweat the small stuff....being alone ain't that bad besides she knows a lot of women wanting to be in her shoes.......:)) Well then Mark Anthony wherever you are in this universe......the law of attraction did are what you think!She shall not wallow in self pity no more......So be it...:))

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 doesn't cost you a thing.

I just had to post this here.....after listening to Jermaine Jackson sing tears just become unstoppable...not because i mourn's because my late father used to sing this to me and i miss him dearly. This song i have shared with my closest friends in one of my notes on FB many moons ago as this has been a reminder that life is to short to be miserable.So SMILE now my wonderful friends......i love you all.

Just thought i'd share this song with you......when i'm feeling down...this is what i hum to myself.....:))

tho' your heart is aching

even tho' it's breaking

when there are clouds in the sky

you'll get by

if you

smile through your fear and sorrow

smile and maybe tomorrow

you'll see the sun come shining thru for you.

Light up your face with gladness

hide ev'ry trace of sadness

altho' a tear maybe ever so near

that's the time you must keep on trying


what's the use of crying

you'll find that life is still worth while

if you'll just smile.


What a day this has been.....

I was fashionably late for my appointment this morning and when i got there the doctor was in surgery so they pushed me to go for my mamogram....i waited too long and decided to go back another day......excuses excuses!
Not my fault.....i had another appointment with the lab assistant at home....for my Hepatitis A and B jabs la...what to do??Well, i went back to my doctor and got a pap smear done..he actually said i lost weight and made my day....:) Such a sweet and gentle man he is....most of the female members of my family go to him....Dr Guna. Years ago i had this phobia about male gynaecologists.....i refused to allow any other man to probe my lower region.I was old fashioned then....That changed when i got pregnant with my youngest.How? well,i used to see Dr Siti (she's good too) for many many years and i found that she didn't spend enough time explaining to me why i bled during my pregnancy not once but 3 i switched and so glad i did.Pap smears don't hurt at all now....:)

Got home in time for the the guy to give me my injections....i HATE needles!!He shot me in both arms...shootzzz!I felt like puking right after and decided to just work from home and the word rest doesn't really exist in my vocab.....i'm a workaholic.I push myself too hard sometimes,just have to prove to myself that i can be that woman of substance i so yearn to be...:) 

I'm actually watching Janice Dickinson while blogging while blackberrying my new friend Bud...multitasking is what i do best. 20 minutes to go before the MJ memorial.And you know what....i haven't had the time except for tonight to even watch the idiot box. That is how busy i am.

So back to the earlier part of my i did. Power napped for a couple of hours...that's a luxury for me ya....i am always sleep deprived. Woke up late evening,took a drive to the laundrette to pick up my clothes , went to Sweet Mill to buy some steaks and minced beef for tomorrow's menu.....i make a mean bolognaise by the way...:) Got back home, my diabolical twin Sumay sent me a text to meet her at Rasta ,coffee hut to be exact.....where a glass of iced Milo is RM5. Met up with her and Damien there, had a short meeting about this Saturday's charity event where i'm being auctioned for a date.....yes, i'm going ahead with it. Plan to wear the sizzling red dress i bought but haven't had the chance to wear yet.....:) Oh, and we witnessed an accident as well.....and for the first time we noticed the tow trucks only arrived an hour later.....wonder what happened to the vultures tonight.....MJ memorial perhaps?

Gosh ...i'm hungry again.Going to fix myself some cream crackers and cheese before the Memorial starts....i have 5 mins to be exact.So,catch you all tomorrow .....yes,tomorrow will be a very interesting day for for's down to Cleo's Kitchen.....wish Marc Anthony would just materialize and fix me a snack....for which he will be handsomely rewarded.....sigh.....

Chooseday has come and's wetnessday wednesday now......have a great one peeps....:))

Signing off.......MWAAAH!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Cleo is in your face again......cak!!

Things didn't happen as expected today......the electricity didn't die on us after all as someone had enough sense to get a huge Generator to supply backup power to us residents. Kosmo article didn't come out today...phew,at least the bats in my belly stopped flapping their wings for a bit....i don't even know when it's coming out....surprises are better i suppose....just like that bouquet of flowers i received today from......:) thank you if you're reading this but where is this leading to?That's the least of my worries for now.....the issue i have now is 14 year old son.He skips school as and when he feels like it.Acts like he's 25......gosh how do i handle this alone?Boarding school?That's something i'd have to seriously think about....
Here i am sitting in my living room trying to pour my heart out but i'm finding it so difficult tonight......the full moon effect perhaps.I need those bats in my belly to keep me going i!!

Tomorrow morning Cleo has an appointment with her gynaecologist for her routine pap smear.After the 1997 cervical cancer episode.....she's not taking any chances.At noon, the lab assistant will come over to the house .....time for her hepatitis A jab.See how easy it is nowadays.....the lab comes to you for blood tests,injections....etc etc.No excuses already. Never take your health with a 'tidak apa' attitude....a stitch in time saves nine.....words of wisdom from my granny.....:) 

Oh i thought i'd share this with you little one Ariff is chubby now....he didn't like to eat before,well....not as much as now.....until Miss Mantis told him that if he wants to turn into Optimus Prime he has to eat  and eat.....and that's exactly what he's been doing.....and now i know why i have to buy MILO every week.....he eats Milo....haiyaaaa.....but then again who's to blame?I used to eat Milo too when i was a us Malays would say it....Padan Muka Aku....hahahaha.....And i really appreaciate my best buddy Nina for giving her time to help me out with the kids even though she doesn't have her own kids.....well it's good practise ya to bits....we're both bipolar that's why we get along so well.......*slap slap hug hug* (hope you fill up that flat tyre tonight)

That's all folks......the full moon beckons Cleo to wait for Marc werewolves or blood sucking vampires please......:))

Toodles my beloved friends.....may Tuesday bring out the best in you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In Memory of My Grandfather's 100th year 07/07/1909 -20/12/1977

That i am an admirer of Tan Sri Dato’ Nik Ahmed kamil is no secret,just as i am an admirer of certain distinguished individuals reponsible for our country’s independence.They stand for dedication,honour,integrity and sincerity-values that we should all try to uphold and live by in our lives and sadly lacking in todays politicians. 

I for one believe that the children and grandchildren of these individuals should create,amongst malaysians today,an awareness of the nation’s history through reminiscences of their early years.

I am Tan Sri Dato Nik Ahmed Kamil’s 13th grandchild and I recall my younger days meeting with the likes of Tunku Abdul Rahman,Tun Abdul Razak,Tun Hussein Onn,Tun Mubin Sheppard,Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin,even P.Ramlee and Saloma(sat on her lap and boy was her perfume overwhelming or what?) to name a few.What i have of my late grandfather are old valuable photographs,stories of him as told to me by my late father and those precious memories of being driven in his Daimler or was it his Rolls Royce to Parliament,those wonderful presents only my other cousin nini and i would get :).....:))Apart from my late daddy, my late Tok Ayah as i fondly called him was my superhero....still is infact. Him and my daddy used to drill this into my thick skull......"DUIT BOLEH CARI...NAMA AND REPUTATION KALAU DAH TARNISHED....  NO AMOUNT OF MONEY CAN HELP YOU REDEEM OUR FAMILY"S GOOD NAME" ....and yes i have held on to those words right up till now.....but of course i do hear those people with the lowest self esteem and rumourtism go around spreading vicious lies about me....ada mak kisahhhh??? what my dear friend Kak Put would say to me each time i feel down in the dumps,people like me are like emotional yoyos but hey....sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me...well sometimes they do la.....:)) You'll hear more of that in my next post....:)

Anyway,Tomorrow marks Arwah Tok Ayah's 100th year had he been alive.He's one of our Nation's Founding Fathers,Malaysia's first Ambassador to UK,He even has a school (funded by him in 1954 i think) in Kelantan named after him Sekolah Menengah Kamil....etc etc. Well i'm certainly not politician material to emulate him and not as rich as he was in those days but i'll get there soon enough.

 I wish i was a gifted writer for i would love to write a book about him alas i’m not..blogging is as far as it goes LOL! …….and after this 2nd post, juvenile(i'm new excuse me) it may seem to some but i say it as it with an open mind for this is only the beginning of CleoPatra's can't imagine how huge her closet is with all those hidden secrets and treasures now can you????.........muahahaha!!Marc Anthony....come forth wherever you are!

So be it!

Sunday 5th July 2009...8.20pm...yeah i know you already be it!
Tonight i shall post my very first blog.....YAY! CleoPatra has decided to share her life with all you people out there,big deal some might say but be it!

Last night i stayed home with Neneng my maid and my little boy Ariff .....while everyone else went out.Had my facial at Vivian' convenient as she lives just 2 roads away.My skin has suffered from my perpetual stress and lack of H2O. You see.....i've always liked coloured drinks....ribena,cordials,coke...etc water is like ....euuuuwww....and my body is somewhat be it!

Anyways,sometime around 2am....yeah,i'm nocturnal...have trouble sleeping...i heard noises,pretty unusual at that time of night....i brushed it off as usual, had enough of spooking myself out with the twilight zone, thought the dogs at the padang were having a go with some bitch, then i found out today a house down the road got broken THAT spooked me out!This neighbourhood isn't safe at all.....with 24hour guards to boot!One would think they're in on it....perhaps they are...So how now brown cow? Should i move to an apartment then?Still not safe right?....SO BE IT!
I'm waiting for my buddy Miss Mantis to come over......she's late! So be it!
We're taking my kids out for seafood at South Pacific Restaurant......somewhere in Petaling Jaya.The food's really yummy there...of course i'm drooling for their Butter Lobster....i know i shouldn't be complaining about my weight.....i brought this upon myself.What can i say? I love food.....i love to! SO BE IT!
Have to meet her there....will be right back after this break.............

I'm back Jack......dinner was awesome.....the kids and i have not had dinner together in a long time....guess when they're all grown up they all have their own plans and etc etc.......SO BE IT!
Tomorrow my interview with KOSMO will be would think after more than 25 years in the industry i'd get used to it....actually NOOOOO.....LOL! My belly's doing the jitterbug right now in anticipation.Hope it turns out okay......if it doesnt.....SBI!

Have slathered on my night cream on my dehydrated skin and some pimple cream on my breakout.....due to stress of course....what else at this age?And they say you don't get pimples after 40??? Bollocks to that...

Shootzzzz it slipped my mind again.......tomorrow there'll be a blackout in TTDI especially in my area for 8 hours from 10am.....hmmmmm.....i reckon an early night would indeed be a good idea but i need some help from Mr imovane to lull me to la la times a trashy novel would do the trick.Sex is almost non existant so you can rule that out. I put this upon myself as i haven't found anyone worthy of me.I am Cleopatra after all am i not? And only Marc Anthony would do.....but he's taken....SO BE IT!:)))